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About Cornerstone URC of London

Updated October, 2017

We warmly invite you to join with us in worship of the Lord Jesus Christ! His glory is our focus as we grow together. We are a family who aim to live and worship for the glory of God. We are presently working through a series on the minor prophets (minor due to size, not significance!) In our afternoon services we are working through the Heidelberg Catechism. Please join us!

Small Groups, Fall 2017

We are hosting two small groups on both the east and west sides of the city of London. For the week of September 24 the study focus is the minor prophet of Hosea (sermon here) with some study questions (sheet here).

Worship Services

Every Sunday at 10 AM & 4 PM

Order of Service

Current Bulletin

What’s in a Name? 

  • Cornerstone One of the visuals the Bible gives for Jesus is that He is our cornerstone. In Bible times, this is code for the foundation, or the stone all the other stones in a house would have ultimately leaned upon. It was the one without whom all the other stones would have sagged and crumbled and been useless without. “The Church” does not refer to a literal building, then, but a different kind of structure made of people leaning upon Jesus Christ – a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.
  • United Nothing to do with the United Church of Canada, but everything to do with the meaning of the word “united”. The URC is a federation of churches sprinkled throughout North America and the world, and our faith in Jesus Christ, as well as our subscription to our doctrinal beliefs unites us. While we would like to say we always have perfect unity and harmony, we are human and faulty and occasionally have trouble seeing eye to eye. Yet it still a wonderful ideal we strive for, until the day the Lord Jesus Christ returns.
  • Reformed This word has many meanings, but in basic terms it means that we were “RE-FORMED” by Jesus Christ and the Word of God, both as a church and as individuals. We are also excited about Reformed Theology, which you will learn as you listen to Biblical Preaching! Our worship style is reverent and traditional.
  • Church We are a group of people who belong to our Savior Jesus Christ, and love to worship Him together! We are also a family, which means we help each other, occasionally offend each other, care about one another, forgive one another, encourage one another and love one another fervently.

Great, I’d like to come to church, but what should I wear?

We’re just happy you’re coming, but if you’re hoping to blend in a little, business-casual is typical.

Meet our Pastor

Pastor Steve Williamson is the husband of Amy and father to five beautiful children. He aims to preach Christ from all the pages of scripture. Steve loves the Lord and seeks to glory in the Christ who loves us and purchased us with His own blood. To God be the glory, great things He has done!